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You need a lobotomy, I'll get the saw

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Humorous Movie Marquee Mash-Ups

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How to create hybrid flowers:

If you plant two different specimen of the same species next to each other, on the next morning, there is a chance they will hybridize and create a new flower in one of the spaces next to either of the parents. For example, red tulips and white tulips can produce pink tulips. 

  • The parent flowers should be adjacent, either right next to each other or diagonally.
  • There needs to be at least one space open next to each parent. Do not completely surround either parent with anything, including items, patterns, dig spots, or other flowers.

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do you ever get really motivated to do something and you get really excited about it and then when you get home you’re just like nah

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pewdiepie made a rape joke about clementine, an 8 year old child, from the walking dead game a while ago and now he gets excited when he gets to physically harm a disabled child having an extreme panic attack from the same game.

if you still like him after that you seriously need to rethink your values, because the fucker hasnt changed and hes not going to.

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Thanks, but the last time I was in New York I kind of broke Harlem.

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My fav thing about tumblr is the complete lack of country music it makes me feel like this is where I should be

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Getting back into Animal Crossing

Would love some new friend codes if people are still playing. Message me and I’ll add you up!


Mr. Rock reminding you of the white male dominated entertainment industry’s racist fuckery.

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These are amazing [1234]

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